International & Community

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it”.…….
Psalm 24:v.1 (NIV)

Amazing things are happening around the world, and here at Destiny we love being in partnership with men and women who are advancing God’s kingdom around the world.
Here are some of the missions and organisations we support and are in partnership with:

Pastor Harry Gomes (India)

Pastor Daniel Makecho (Kenya & Uganda)

David Wald (Rwanda)
Street Children Centre “IWACU”

This projects aims to provide the street children with a drop in centre providing the following support and care:-

1. Food and clothing and place to wash and access to medical care

2. Supplementary Training in arts and music to develop confidence, self esteem and vehicle for expression as therapy

3. Education in core curriculum areas with professional teachers

4. Counseling and professional monitoring of their progression in areas of social and mental development

5. Provide an opportunity for the children to work with our team of social care professionals to facilitate reintegration with their families where possible, thereby providing a long term solution. Continued support and after care in the family unit will be a priority.

For more info about this project, please click the links below:

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